Jo Redfearn


Jo Redfearn has worked in administration and the arts for over 15 years. She has supported the operations of a number of organisations including Kew School of Dance and St John of God Health Care and is a founder of Melbourne independent theatre company The Honeytrap, with which she has produced a number of female lead contemporary plays. She is a recipient of the British Council’s Realise Your Dream Award (2013), a UK based professional development program awarded to early career artists showing innovation and leadership in their field.

Jo has worked in various production roles for Andrew Kay and Associates including casting assistance and stage management for the development of Bluey’s Big Play, and as production assistant for The World According to Kevin 2020 Australia tour.

Jo creates and directs ensemble work and has collaborated with various independent theatre companies. She has created and directed two immersive theatre events: Are you there Louise Lovely? and Beware the Youth(Little Sister Productions and The National Trust). Jo has facilitated and directed the development of True Love’s Sight (La Mama Explorations) and Real Piece of Work (The Honeytrap & Kingston Arts) and has directed productions Cowboy Mouth (The Actors Theatre Collective), Low Level Panic (Someone Else Theatre), Hamilton Highway (William Ewing), Ghosts Vs Skeletons (Rose Bishop). She is also an alumni of the VCA Foundations Film-making program (2016) and has worked in various roles on a number of film productions.

Low Level Panic

Someone Else Theatre - 2016

Cowboy Mouth

The Actors Theatre Collective - 2016

Beware the Youth

Little Sister Productions - 2015

Photo credits: Low Level Panic: Dana Simon, Cowboy Mouth: Ben Neoh, Beware the Youth: Rebekah Kamsky