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Operation Ouch Live on Stage

Operation Ouch Live on Stage takes the very popular children’s medical show from the TV to the stage. Dr Chris and Dr Xand conduct crazy experiments, intrepid investigations and delivery amazing medical facts live on stage. They also share their favourite bits from their multi-award winning TV show, now in its seventh season.

O2 were engaged to deliver all stage and technical design for this interactive show. Live experiment design, tour logistics and sourcing of animal body parts were all a part of the brief. O2 also provided the touring crew.

Producers: Andrew Kay & Associates – Margot Teele
Director: Peter Adams
Technical Direction and Design: Richard Dinnen
Touring Production Manager/LX: Damien Thomas
Stage Manager: Natalie Rowan
Mechanist/Props: Al Oldfield/Matthew Scott
Vision Operator: Lloyd Press
Camera Operator: Simon Hearn


Photo credit: Simon Hearn & Lloyd Press