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Noise Boys

Noise Boys is a high-octane show that combines unbelievable physical skill with incredible musicianship and infectious rhythms. Featuring an impressive line-up of multi award-winning champion beatboxers, world-class tap dancers and some of the best vocal and musical talent in the U.K, sit back and be amazed by the charm and the sheer unadulterated talent of the Noise Boys.

Noise Boys premiered in 2019 at the New Theatre in Peterborough before moving onto a successful season at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. O2 was asked to do the lighting design and supply production management services for both seasons.


Producers: Nic Doodson Productions, Andrew Kay & Associates, Great Leap Forward
Director: Nic Doodson
Music Director: Jack Blume
Choreographer: Douglas Mills
Set Designers: Verity Sadler
Lighting Design: Richard Dinnen
Stage Manager: Arthur Oliver-Brown

Photo credit: Chris & David Cann

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